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The literature used in ELT classrooms today is no longer restricted to canonical texts from certain countries e. UK, USA, but includes the work of writers from a diverse range of countries and cultures using different forms of English. Literary texts can be studied in their original forms or in simplified or abridged versions.

An increasing number of stories in English are written specifically for learners of other languages. The types of literary texts that can be studied inside and outside the ELT classroom include:. Why use literature in the ELT classroom? Literary texts provide opportunities for multi-sensorial classroom experiences and can appeal to learners with different learning styles. Texts can be supplemented by audio-texts, music CDs, film clips, podcasts, all of which enhance even further the richness of the sensory input that students receive.

Literary texts offer a rich source of linguistic input and can help learners to practise the four skills - speaking, listening, reading and writing - in addition to exemplifying grammatical structures and presenting new vocabulary. At the same time literary texts can deal with universal themes such as love, war and loss that are not always covered in the sanitised world of course books.

Literary texts are representational rather than referential McRae, Referential language communicates at only one level and tends to be informational.

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The representational language of literary texts involves the learners and engages their emotions, as well as their cognitive faculties. Literary works help learners to use their imagination, enhance their empathy for others and lead them to develop their own creativity. They also give students the chance to learn about literary devices that occur in other genres e.

Literature lessons can lead to public displays of student output through posters of student creations e. So for a variety of linguistic, cultural and personal growth reasons, literary texts can be more motivating than the referential ones often used in classrooms. If your book order is heavy or oversized, we may contact you to let you know extra shipping is required.

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Although they are intended for young children, they are a good way to pick up some more basic vocabulary. My final piece of advice would be to read something that interests you. Look at the blurb the short summary of the book, found on the back cover and see if it looks like something that you would enjoy. Think about the genres that you enjoy in your own language and find an equivalent in English. This way, you're more likely to enjoy reading, rather than see it as a chore.

My name is Shamair I am from Pakistan I wanna tell u my english is so weak I can't speak properly and also I can't understand properly so tell me how can I improve my eng because I want talk to with everyone I can't speak properly and my confidence is also so weak so plz what can I do I love english but its very difficult for me I can't understand the reading I hope u have got my point I am making so alot of plz help me I saw all the comments every people said thanks and said love u because u helped them so plz help me to improve my english I will be waiting for your reply!!

Bye I hope u will help me and I hope u will reply my msg soon have a nice day. Hi Shamair, Thanks for your message. You can use LearnEnglish Teens as much as you like to help you improve your level of English. We are working on a new section to help with speaking skills - we hope it will be ready by October at the latest.

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  5. For now, do as much reading and listening as you can. Use the Skills section to help you.

    The Learners: A Novel

    Start with level A1 and work through the activities. Also, have a look at the Vocabulary exercises.

    I would love to read English books, but, unfortunately, I don't know where to find it. I don't like e-books. Are there someone from Serbia or other Balcan country who reads English books? I would love to ask you where did you find them?

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    Did you buy them or take from the library? Hi RosemaryM, Thank you for the article, I,m a beginner in English and I love reading English books ,I read different types of stories, for the classic stories I read the shorted copies but some times I read the full version. I read the shorted copy of Oliver twist by Charles Dickens and too much tales from Shakespeare.

    And I read the full versions of six tales for Alexandre Dumas. Right now I,m reading a collection about Malcolm X more than pages but I never get bored I really enjoy reading about him. Wow - that's incredible that you're already reading things by Charles Dickens and Shakespeare! I have never read about Malcolm X; I tend to read more fiction than non-fiction.

    Do you have a favourite book? You read a wide range of books - that's really impressive! When you read classics, do you read the full version or the abridged shortened version? Hi Rosemary M, I always prefer reading the full version and would only read the abridged version if I couldn't find the unabridged. And it is annoying to read the abridged after reading the full version I had to read both for school purposes because most of the long beautiful descriptions are cut down and many interesting scenes cannot be found.

    Have you read the Divergent series?

    Learning English by reading books

    I completely agree with you - the unabridged versions just aren't quite the same as the unabridged, original versions! I haven't read the Divergent series, could you tell me anymore about them? Thanks for the article RosemaryM well I like to read English novels and I also read science books having scientific knowledge. Usually, I read English novels in my vacation or even during my school times. My favourite books are many!

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    I also read their novels and it has been so good for me as I'm a very good speaker and reader. While reading a book the reader enters into the world created by the author and it creates a link between the three i. They build the feeling of imagination and innovation in us. Thus, books are superb source of knowledge. The recommendations given in this article are very beneficial for the English learners. Thanks a lot for the recommendations once again. It sounds like you read a lot of books - that's great!