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Dana shares an exercise that will help you to see that you are unique and that no one can deliver your message except YOU. How can I get consistency in my business? Dana lists her top five daily habits and all of them are under three minutes to do!

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Listen in to hear how Dana trains her brain every day! Dana addresses drinking, smoking, and stepping into your celebrity!

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Why is mindset more important than action? Listen in to shift limiting beliefs about having enough time to build a following. You do NOT need to get out of your comfort zone to be successful. Dana Wilde, the 1 bestselling author of Train Your Brain, delivers motivation, marketing ideas, and business tips designed to break through your limiting beliefs, and manifest freedom and success in your business.

Does it seem like no matter what you do and no matter how hard you try, you're stuck at the same financial level? It's so frustrating, right? Join Dana on today's show where she reveals HOW to get unstuck. If you are feeling that emotion in another area of your life, then clean up that emotion in all those other areas and your finances will start to shift.


This influencer wants marketing ideas for getting more speaking engagements. Dana not only gives her marketing strategies for growth, but helps her to understand that to manifest success, she needs to make mindset her first stop! Do the tasks that are within your superpower to get speaking engagements or whatever the goal is. I feel like I am too tired to work my business and get clients when I get home. What can I do?

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Energy Management Problem. Listen in for entrepreneur motivation! Are you an entrepreneur who wants to manifest more freedom and success? In this episode, Dana shares her three best business tips for marketing online and building your business now. Positive Mindset for Entrepreneurs from The Mind Aware The Mind Aware Show is the podcast for go-getters, achievers, and entrepreneurs who are continually maximizing their lives. All Episodes Archives. Freedom 0. Please check out our episode notes below… Download this Episode.

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    Entrepreneur Mindset 0. Growth 0. If you are feeling that emotion in another area of your life, then clean up that emotion in all those other areas and your finances will start to shift The factors constituting organizational empowerment create a change in the mindset of the organization.

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    • Most leaders give instructions for an assignment, task or project to their employees. Employees rely on someone telling them what to do.

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      Employees who have entrepreneurial mindsets are empowered by their leaders to think differently when creating and producing breakthrough results. You do not have to own a business to be an entrepreneur. Many people with an entrepreneurial mindset sometimes do not start their own companies for years or may not do so at all. Entrepreneurs provide direction and take immediate action on things they have control over.

      Leaders need to assess the skills and talent of their employees and see if they are capable of tapping into their hidden abilities to create and produce higher performance levels. Employees follow the crowd, create and produce the same results 5 days every week. Employees need someone to motivate them. Employees have limited resources and need permission to go outside-the-box, are not willing to take risks, are responsible to themselves, are clock-watchers as they work for so many hours per day and get paid for those hours, and have a limited career path.

      Employees focus on the problem and not get to the root cause of the problem or challenge. The entrepreneur mindset is opportunity driven toward extraordinary results. Entrepreneurs have a vision and a goal they work toward. Entrepreneurs are self-motivated. Entrepreneurs are creative and innovative, and can work using these resources. Entrepreneurs who work for employers have a mindset that is creative and think inside and outside-the-box, willing to take risks and learn new strategies for higher performance, are accountable and responsible for themselves and for what they create, are not clock-watcher and do not mind working longer hours to get their work accomplished.

      Finally, entrepreneurs are solution-oriented.

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      Since people are different and unique in how they think and do things. When your employees begin to think proactively, then breakthrough results occur. Psychological Safety as a Leadership Tool. Admitting to Mistakes Leads to Greater Productivity.