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Drake Morgan to be the Dom. He's an acclaimed doctor and the golden boy in her father's eyes.

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Ashamed and embarrassed, she does the only thi The Agreement is the other side of the story from books like Fifty Shades of Grey. Ashamed and embarrassed, she does the only thing she can and runs.

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Drake Morgan is not easily deterred. In Kate, he sees the perfect sub and he is ready to offer her an agreement she can't turn down.

Kate decides to go against everything she thinks society expects and take a chance of Drake. I think Kate's reluctance and uncertainty was true to her character. Even though this book is set in the BDSM it doesn't define the story and most of the scenes were pretty vanilla and didn't get to extreme into that world. Yes, there is sex hot and steamy sex but none of it was gratuitous and it only added to Kate and Drake's story.

Kate and Drake had such an interesting relationship. They had such an obvious and instant attraction to each other and I loved how the story prolonged their gratification. Once Kate finally gave in there were fireworks not literally but almost. Watching Kate let down her barriers made their scenes that much more passionate and emotional. The Agreement is an erotic exploration of pleasure, passion.

Fans of E. James and Tiffany Reisz will enjoy The Agreement. Jul 22, Amelia rated it did not like it Shelves: eye-roll , getoveryourself , dnf , i-read-for-free , give-me-a-break , whydoireadthiscrap. Added March I just want to apologise to anyone who read the comments thread to this review. Someone made several comments and although this was fairly innocuous at first, it became rather vitriolic. I'm on Goodreads to keep track of my reading and be friends with other bookworms not to argue, so again: I'm sorry to anyone who witnessed it. Now on to my original review, written July On the long list of Added March I just want to apologise to anyone who read the comments thread to this review.

Now on to my original review, written July On the long list of things I hated about The Agreement, first on the list has to be all the "Ms Bennet"s being thrown around. And you call yourself a romance writer?! Sacrilege I tell you, sacrilege! Also that every single man in the book wanders around giving orders and "not taking no for an answer" - tossers, the lot of them. Oh, and obvious plot is obvious. There's more, but the whole taking Jane Austen's name in vain has me too grumpy to keep reading. Ironic, I know! I've corrected it, but in no way does it change my overall opinion. Aug 31, Crystal rated it liked it Shelves: erotica.

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  6. When you read a story in the erotica genre, there are only so many twists that are plausible enough to get into the story line. Otherwise, you're just reading for the thrill of the sex scenes, which is ok too, if that's what you like. One of the reviews of this book points out all the similarities between this and FSOG. In fact, When you read a story in the erotica genre, there are only so many twists that are plausible enough to get into the story line. In fact, I'm reading another one now. Some of the knock-offs might be better than the original, which had some now-famous problems itself.

    I'd say The Agreement is readable. If you like to read this genre, you probably have a favorite formula, and this one is a favorite of mine. I find it amusing, and I'm a sucker for HEA. Six months from now, I'll have to check my library to make sure I haven't already read this one. But while I was reading it, I enjoyed it.

    Except for the interfering friend, who I wanted to slap.

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    Jul 05, Lea rated it did not like it Shelves: give-me-a-gun-please , can-i-kill-the-hero , bored-me-out-of-my-mind , boring-love-interest , boring-heroine , where-did-you-learn-to-write , books-to-use-as-firewood , whips-and-chains , put-me-out-of-my-misery. Okay, that's it. I can't do it anymore. This book is a FSoG wannabe. It's on the right track, too. The writing is, while not as bad, awful and suicidal-thoughts-inducing, the main character indecisive, the the male hero gives off some weird vibes.

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    Do yourself a favor and stay away from this book. Apr 08, Debbie rated it liked it. Oh goodness, this book wore me out. I just couldn't believe anybody would allow their "best friend" to dictate who they would have for a lover even under the guise of fearing for their safety.

    I just wish that situation had resolved so much sooner than it did. I almost made it a DNF but then did finish it. I did really like the ending a lot. Not bad, but too clinical. I didn't f e e l what the author intended. Apr 27, Michelle rated it it was ok. This book took me five days to read. I had to force myself to finish.

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    If you don't want any spoilers quit reading. What i didn't like. There was too much info.

    The book should of been pages less. The heroine was a push over and let everyone walk all over her. But with Dom she suddenly is more assertive and stands up to him. I Always This book took me five days to read. I Always felt the roles were reversed when it came to their interactions. She is suppose to be a submissive but doesn't act like one.

    The Dom was not very strong in this book. He was obsessive and stalkerish which I love but he was not very alpha. She controlled everything. The heroine acted like a 16 year old virgin when it came to sex. But when it actually came time to performing she starts being assertive and telling him what to do or not to do. Another moment she will act all prudish and judge mental!? She was seriously giving me whiplash with her behavior.

    I was seriously expecting her to be wearing a dominatrix outfit and the hero turned into the sub by the end of the book? There were three other people who had their noses stuck in this relationship. I know there needs to be drama but this was too much. I don't understand why she wouldn't tell the hero it was her terrible best friend that is the one who is threatening them. He deserved to know and her friend lost all rights to keeping her identity secret with her own strange behavior.

    Before I get bashed on this They hid their relationship like teenagers. With the father running for some political office their relationship would of been front page material. The characters acted severely immature.


    What I liked. The premises. The idea was good.