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A repeated myth surrounding the film involves a shadowy figure which can be spotted moving in the trees during the end of the Tin Man's scene as Dorothy, the Scarecrow, and the Tin Man skip upstage singing "We're Off to See the Wizard. The most prevalent myth claims that a Munchkin hanged himself from the set after Garland declined to go on a date with him. Others say that the individual is a stagehand, or a young Hollywood starlet who was so distraught over not getting the role of Dorothy that she lept from the top of the soundstage.

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These talents have played incredible roles, but there are a few parts they have yet to try. Those Dancing Feet! What Broadway dance performances have stayed in your head days — or even years — after you first watch them? Here's our collection of the most iconic dances performed on the Great White Way. The Top 10 Songs by Stephen Sondheim.

We toiled to narrow down this list of the Top 10 Songs by Stephen Sondheim. The creatives of The Phantom of the Opera share secrets and cool Phantom -facts from the hit Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, in honor of its 30th anniversary. Do you know all of these? Follow Playbill Now.

Want Discount Tickets? All Rights Reserved. I can see the footsteps of God in front of me.

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All I know is to walk through this path and All I learn is to survive through this journey. Through this journey , I see sunlight which brings smile to my face. Through this journey , I see clouds which brings pain to my nerves. Through this journey , I see rain which brings delight to my heart. Through this journey , I see winds which brings fear to my mind. Through this journey , I see laughter and happiness which makes my heart pump with joy.

Through this journey , I see battles and wars which trains me to be strong and powerful. Who condemn you???

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On the side walk of the well , comes a woman who wants to draw water. She carries a empty vessel so that she would fill water in it.

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She knows that her heart is filled with tears and no vessel to contain it. She sees here and there and only thought which enters her mind is rejection. She drags her feet to get to the well yet the pain of her life is making her hopeless. All she know is that she is alone and condemned by all.

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  • With loads of uncertainty and tons of pain she approaches the well. All the men she met in her life was never kind. But to her surprise she sees this majestic smart man , who saw her with compassion. She got so used to the lustful look of men and she it is very hard for her to even know that someone could look at her with compassion. Even before she could see that compassionate eyes , she hears something which she never heard before.

    Uffff ,mind….

    Need Grace. Need grace to swallow the reality of dishonest world. Need grace to gulp the pain of untrue people. Need grace to digest the path of wicked generation. Need grace to intake the evil doings of close networks. Mistaken authority is always greed. Misleading thoughts are always dangerous. Misconceiving emotions are always skeptical. Miscalculating actions are always disastrous. Need grace to dissolve the solid untrue foundations of this society. Need grace to expose the illegal sins committed by the so called dignified.

    Need grace to dilute the caste and racism ordained by legal systems. Need grace to dismantle the deceiving religious phonetics.

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    Lying lips is always deceiving. Haughty eyes are always lustful. Sweetened words are always bitter. Embracing emotions are always temporary. Need grace to discern the wrong doing of respectful people. Need grace to accept the folly of unruly leaders. Need grace to uncover the secret sins of depleting community. Need grace to rebuke the cunni….