Manual Re-Attraction: How to Get Your Woman Back in 30 Days or Less

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Look, like I said, Ive been there too. You go through heartache, pain, and tears. You feeltotally helpless. But Im not just here to empathize with you -- Im also here to give you a healthy andbeneficial kick in the ass. Thats because Sending desperate text messages and emails, etc. Let me ask you: how has she reacted so far?

Did she melt into your arms and tell you sherealized she made a big mistake? Or did she tell you crap like "I still need time"? I bet it was the latter. Am I right? I thought so. Albert Einstein said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over againand expecting different results.

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So when a guy thinks that just one more love letter He is flat-out acting insane. Let me explain to whats going on with your womans perception of you by having you think ofsomething. I want you to imagine youre a loan officer in a bank and two customers show upwanting a loan from you. The first customer, Lenny Loser, comes dressed in a T-shirt and jeans, sits at your desk andpleads, "Im unemployed and need the money so badly.

I cant eat without it. I cant even paymy rent! Please man, I swear Ill pay it back. He confidently takes aseat and tells you he needs a tiny bit of money as a short-term loan. You verify his financials-- hes got millions in investments, and just needs a little bit right now.

Youre guaranteed toget back the money back plus interest. Its pretty obvious who youd prefer to loan money to. That first guys a loser, and if you loanedhim money, youd never see any of it again. Even if you felt sympathy for him, you know itsnot your job to give him charity. Youll get nothing out of the deal, since he has no way to payyou back. Hes just going to take from you and give you nothing in return.

The second guy, on the other hand, is very attractive. He will get you easy money. Guys likehim are the reason the bank is able to pay your salary. His value speaks for itself. This situation Ive just laid out has the exactsame underpinnings as your situation withyour woman. Right now youre like the firstguy. From your exs point of view, youresucking value out her while giving hernothing in return. The most common question I get is: "Whatdo I say to her?

You see, becauseyoure a desperate guy, she may saysomething sympathetic or nice to you, butthen youd immediately start begging for herlike a panting puppydog. And this just drives her away. Would you rather loan Or this guy? When you come from a position of neediness, youre like Lenny Loser in the example above.

Re-Attraction: How to Get Your Woman Back in 30 Days or Less by John Alexander

When you come from a position of attractiveness and value-giving, you become like CarlConfident. What Will Make Her Attracted to You AgainNow that you know that pursuing her doesnt work, youre probably also starting to realize thateverything society and your mother ever taught you about women is wrong.

As a coach whoteaches men how to get girls, I hear from a lot of recently-dumped guys who tell me, "I dideverything for my girlfriend. But then the one moment she needs me to comfort her, and thenext moment she tells me she needs space. Didnt you always hear that you should "be a nice guy to get thatdream girl"? Now, how did that piece of wisdom work out for you? Well, since she dumped you, you knowthe answer to that one! You may even have noticed that your girl seems to be more attracted to men who arent"right" for her, especially if shes with a "rebound boy" right now whos a complete jerk.

Yousee, while women may know on an intellectual level that they should date the "nice guy,"what they gravitate to instead is the man who gives them certain feelings. So its as simple as that.

10 Things You Must Do After No Contact (#8 Will Make You Jump For Joy)

What makes a woman want a guy is the feelings she has about him. It has nothing to do with what she intellectually thinks of the guy. It has nothing to do with howmuch money he has or how "nice" or "respectable" of a guy he is. Women are socialized to not want to offend, so usually youll never hear your ex saying How to Get a Girl Back in 30 Days or Less 6. Usually a woman will instead feed you nonsense like "Im at a weird place in my life," "Its notyou, its me," or "Im not ready for a relationship right now. Remember what I said earlier about how your woman grew to have the power in therelationship?

Ironically, it happened because you gave her that power by catering to her everywhim. But, the fact that you gave her that power over you caused her to lose attraction foryou. You were no longer giving her good feelings.

Right now your ex thinks of you as dull and boring. And when you put pressure on her tocome back to you, all you accomplish is to re-enforce her misguided view of you. You know, an interesting task I give the guys I coach is to have them observe the kind of guywho is able to get and more importantly KEEP a woman attracted to him. By this I mean thesort of guy who, years after he stops dating a woman, shes still pining for him. When you do this assignment, you see the men with the most success are the ones who arecelebrities, or the local stud at the gym, or the leaders and alpha males in life.

Now, you dontneed to become a rock star, actor, musclehead, or a millionaire captain of industry to becomean attractive guy. What you need to do is become a man with a lot going on in his life. You want your ex to see you as interesting and fun. Maybe you make her laugh sometimes. Notice Im not telling you to become a jerk. They key point is that women are attracted to menwho give them good feelings, not the "nice" guy.

That means become an interesting man.

Aman who thrills a woman, captivates her with his passion, and draws her into his powerfulreality. Think back to recent events with your girl. If you take an honest look, youll see instanceswhere you were a weak man, always putting pressure on her and breathing down her neck. The result of this was you were pushing her away. So, what you need to do now is get yourself together. Assert yourself right now by telling yourex that you need some time and space, and that maybe you can be friends again eventually.

Step 3: Get Your Mind Back

Then follow through, and keep her cut off from communication with you for a full three weeks. This gives you time to build your attractiveness, so that when you re-initiate communicationwith your ex, shell be blown away by the attractive new man youve become. And when you become an attractive guy, then rather than you begging for her, she startsbegging for you. Becoming a Man of High ValueLet me ask you something. Lets say I put two glasses of water down on the table in front ofyou.

The first glass of water came unfiltered from the tap.

30 Challenges For 30 Days (That Will Make You A Better Person)

Now, my question is Which one would you rather drink? Even though a chemist would tell you both glasses of water are virtually exactly the same Bottled water is not easily attainable it costs money , and you tell yourself a compelling storyabout it. As you buy the bottle of water, you imagine how it came from a pristine mountainspring, was lovingly and painstakingly bottled by people who care, and so on It has a high value, in other words. And so, the point in the example is that bottled water has a much higher perceived value thantap water.

You have to work to attain bottled water. Its a challenge for you. Now lets look at the scenario youve got going on with your ex. Right now you are zerochallenge for her. Youre like the tap water in the example above. She knows all she has to dois say a nice word to you, and at the drop of a hat she can have you again. If youre like most guys in your situation, youre suffocating your ex with too much attention. Its repelling her. She wishes you knew that.

This simple act stops pushing her away and will ultimately get you closer to her again andgive you a chance to re-attract her. Your Upcoming SuccessA lot of my friends who are real players when it comes to women are big fans of the movieSwingers, especially for a guy whos been dumped. Though love experts tend to be based in the US, both of the love experts I spoke to said percent of their customers were based in the UK. Chris started his website Ex Boyfriend Recovery after helping his pregnant friend get back with her ex, who dumped her due to codependency issues.

So how does one get their ex back?