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It has been ratified by countries and forms the basis of a number of national laws across the globe, including tobacco taxes, advertising restrictions, and plain cigarette packaging.

The FCTC excludes media organizations and NGOs it deems unhelpful from its meetings and discusses its policy recommendations for billions of people behind closed doors. The fact that this is all very expensive and taxpayer-funded should go without saying. Presumably, only a minority of readers here are smokers and could, therefore, shrug off this particular example.

However, the FCTC is constantly used as an example of how to regulate myriad other areas of consumption, as well. An FCTC for food would come up with similarly draconian measures as those for tobacco: increased sin taxes, decreased access, and plain-packaged labeling.

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Liberty and consumer choice are best defended if done consistently. How so, exactly? This article was first published by the Foundation for Economic Education. Thanks for liking and sharing! I favour individual and economic freedom and I believe in the capabilities people can develop when they have to take their own responsibilities.

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Take this extract: Some government measures, including regulations for the marketing of unhealthy food and beverage products to children, front-of-pack warning labels, fiscal policies such as soda taxes, and consumer protection laws can help to constrain this supply-driven consumption of unhealthy foods. With a loud shriek and four puffs, we were off into the night.

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He was glowing in the moonlight, his hair tousled, his face shining, though his body spoke otherwise looking more uncomfortable as he strode through the back entrance. I wiped my forehead of sweat, as the airport's ac finally consumed me, immediately cooling me down as it brushed against my skin. He pins in a few digits and the door buzzes, opening to the cold bleak night once again.

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Instantly the cold breeze leaves us and is replaced with the hot winds of the night. We spot Mateo, hurriedly making his way to the huge Jet before him and Tre direct me to run. This was our chance, our only chance to catch up to him before he leaves and I wasn't letting the opportunity slip by. Running up behind him I wrap my arms around him, making him somehow go rigid and stop halfway to the Jet. He tightly grips my hands and tugs me around, having me look him right in the eyes.

Looking into his eyes I give him a shake and his eyes finally meet mines. The words instantly drill itself into my heart and I felt, at that moment utterly ashamed.

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I wanted the earth to just swallow me whole and spew me back out dead. Did I still have feeling for Alec?

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If the feeling to strongly kill someone, registers as feelings then yes I did. I wanted to make him feel every kick, every slap, and every verbal abuse he'd given me, but that was letting him win. It let him know he could get to me and I didn't want him to.