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Out My Backdoor: You Can Be a Chickadee Landlord

These adorable birds duck and dodge through branches as they hunt down small insects. Not only are chickadees super cute, they also have winning personalities. The call varies in pitch, speed and clarity depending on the species, but the easiest version to learn to recognize is that of the black-capped chickadee with its chick-a-dee-dee-dee call. Most chickadees, the black-capped included, are talkative, with a whole repertoire of high, wheezy notes in addition to the trademark call.

In spring, black-cappeds sing a loud two- to three-note fee-bee mating call. A super high-pitched seeee is a warning that there is a predator around, and every chickadee within hearing distance freezes upon hearing it. Its chick-a-dee-dee call is higher and faster than the black-capped. Chickadees are always on the move, picking off insects of any stage—eggs, larvae, pupae, adults—from leaves and branches. All chickadee species can be seen within their respective range throughout the year, although they visit backyard feeders less often in spring and summer, when insects are at their peak.

If a chickadee has a hungry spring brood nearby, it will become a regular at your seed feeder. Read more: 3 Types of Seeds Birds Love.

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These little birds forage in high coniferous Western forests, from Canada to near the Rio Grande, but they nest in dead aspens because the soft wood is easy to excavate. Like all other chickadees, these birds stash food away for winter, caching nuts and seeds. Their call is distinguished by its slight lisp or buzz.

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The amazing chickadee

The chick-a-dee call of this species is higher and thinner than the others, almost squeaky and with fewer dees. The boreal forests of Canada, Alaska and edges of the northeastern states are home to chickadees of the same name, a brown-capped bird with a slow, scratchy chick-a-dee call. Chickadees weigh about four-tenths of an ounce. A study at Tomsk State University in Russia found that the birds begin to lose weight as winter nights shorten. They need less fat for night heating. The researchers said this change is triggered by the gain in daylight.

Chickadees and other small species can reduce their nighttime body temperature as much as 22 degrees Fahrenheit. Birds, tiny chickadees in particular, are extraordinary. Jim Williams has been watching birds and writing about their antics since before "Gilligan's Island" went into reruns.

Join him for his unique insights, his everyday adventures and an open conversation about the birds in your back yard and beyond. Home All Sections Search.

Indentifying a Boreal Chickadee - 06/09/01

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Black-Capped Chickadee Calls and Sounds - Fee-bee Call, Chickadee-dee-dee Call, Seet call etc

More from Star Tribune. Because of the fur plug probably to hide and maintain temperatures on top of eggs, a monitor may not realize egg laying or incubation have begun. Chickadee egg shells have a very thin shell, and can break even from a light touch. Gently move the plug aside, check for eggs with a mechanic's mirror and then replace the plug.

Chickadees are prone to early fledging if disturbed. It's probably a good idea not to open the box after they are days old. After that date, you could look in with an automotive mechanic's mirror if you are concerned. Note: One monitor had eggs that had not hatched in 23 days. They were removed from a nestbox, and the pair did not re-nest in that box. Nesting Timetable typical :. References and More Information :.

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