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She lives in Pennsylvania.

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Usually ships within days. Internationally known as one of the most magnificent farmers' markets in the world, the San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market has inspired this gorgeous illustrated market companion. Other Resources.

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Our Publishing Partners. After a few flips through the book, I suddenly became energized and excited to try some new foods and recipes. Cooking from the Farmers Market truly inspires you to be a bit adventurous and supplies you with some delicious recipes to try out. See where it came from and who grew it whenever possible. So thanks to this intro for a bit of a personal challenge. It breaks down when the best times of the year are to buy certain foods, which is useful so that you can purchase items that are not only going to taste better but are probably going to be less expensive.

Time for the heart of this book. The organization is unique and really helpful.

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The authors focus on one fruit or veggie at a time, and give you info on how to buy it meaning what to look for , the history of the ingredient, how to handle that item, and then 3 flavorful recipes that you could cook it in. How lovely is that?! Plus, I like knowing a bit of history and facts about everything. These ranges from how to hard boil an egg to using a charcoal versus gas grill. I really could have kept going but had to stop myself.

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