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Limited Edition Measures 6" long x 12" h. While the hands are busy, the artistic mind wanders to dreams of a variation on a theme of fishnet. Not quite a revolt, but after years of painting the fishnet pattern, the creative team at Herend wanted to spread their wings. A chance to make a change at once both subtle and bold where a quick glance would still reflect the rhythmic pattern of fishnet but further scrutiny would reveal an altered state. Similar to the way the internal mirrors of a kaleidoscope adjust reality and reflect things back in a new geometric fashion, the artists at Herend pushed fishnet to the furthest corners of their imagination to see what they could find.

Many new patterns were created and two were deemed dramatic enough to make their debut. With word of two new patterns making their grand entrance in , the long-suffering hens marched on the manufactory and demanded equal time in the spotlight. They are proud to feature one of their own in a dramatic debut of swirls and curls and kaleidoscope dreams. Limited edition of 50 pairs. Fiery yellows and reds in multiple shades. Handmade and handpainted porcelain with 24 karat gold accents.

Limited Editions

Handmade and handpainted in Hungary with 24k gold accents. Normally relegated to the muted end of the color spectrum, the artists at Herend have given the female finch a makeover to rival her colorful mate and, as can be seen the male's turn of the head, the result have not gone unnoticed! Sporting a fishnet combination of various shades of oranges and grays with pops of gold, the female finch now rivals the spring buds for the prettiest flower on the tree.

Of course, not wanting to reduce his ability to win over the ladies, the male finch's Herend-style transformation keeps his normal red coloring but the artists have added exuberant pops of pinks and oranges so the finch is sure to keep the love of his girl.

When two famous patterns meet, magic happens! On the one hand you have Mother Nature taking her paintbrush to create an intricate composition tailored to the animal in question. On the other hand you have an artist at Herend who in picked up his tools to try to mimic a Chinese plate's fish scale design and the illustrious fishnet pattern was born. When painted on the same animal, a creative union of nature and fantasy give rise to a fascinating figurine. Designed by Thomas Bastide, A whisky decanter and 6 tumblers with diamond-shaped surfaces and inside ruffles.

A set for connoisseurs. This is a limited edition of numbered on the decanter. Inspired by the ginkgo biloba leaf, this vase with its understated lines designed by Thomas Bastide features a surprising fan-shaped silhouette. The trim is delicately enhanced with touches of 20k gold applied by brush by the gilders of the Manufacture. The bird, synonymous with renewal in the West and a sign of peace in China, it represents immortality and fertility in India.

Now and more than ever, the Baccarat peacock symbolises beauty and perfection. Limited and numbered edition of pieces.

Baccarat Cristal Room - Cristal Room Baccarat

A bold and timeless masterpiece, the New Antique vase designed by the talented Marcel Wanders shows off a new cut pattern, a spectacular trim with alternating flat and bevel sides giving infinite reflections of light and placed on a white marble base. Limited and numbered edition of 99 pieces. Suddenly, the garden was devoid of any melodic tunes. A serious tone had overtaken the usually noisy expanse as word spread quickly that the Baroness de Rothschild was missing her pearl necklace.

Ignorant of the disturbance, two songbirds are chattering away excitedly about their recent discovery. Once they realize who the rightful owner is, the songbirds will do the honorable thing because they proudly demonstrate their loyalty to the Rothschild household by the dramatically painted pattern on their wings. Their blue, green and brown fish scales have become intertwined with the Rothschild name and story. For the first time, the Rothschild Bird pattern has been rendered in sculptural form. Offering a stylized depiction of the birds, this lovely figurine brings to life the story including the tree that anchors all 12 Rothschild Bird motifs, the colorful buzzing insects as well as the famous pearl necklace.

Baccara - Sorry I'm a Lady

The king of the savannah shows his strength and power. This rare and ancient glassmaking technique, which dates back to 5, B. This results in intense colors and subtle shading. Handmade in France. Handmade and handpainted in Germany in a tradition of porcelain figurines from the world famous Meissen, Europe's oldest porcelain manufactory. Measures 19" h. Framed canvas giclee print from Joseph Sulkowski, a premiere dog and sporting artist who paints in a 17th century tradition using light and luminous shadow.

Signed with Certificate of Authenticity. Can be personalized inside base: please allow four weeks. Imre Schrammel, who served as artistic advisor to the Herend manufactory for a time, was inspired to design the carnival figurine series after experiencing Venetian Carnival first-hand. Schrammel, a world-renown ceramic artist, described the collaborative process with the Herend artists who bring to life his craft as that of a composer who has his work performed by a superlative orchestra.

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Similar to the Venetian revelers whose costumes become more elaborate every year, Schrammel has an appreciation for what Herend artists can accomplish using his Carnival series as a blank canvas. The transformation of the mysterious man and the enigmatic woman celebrates the th anniversary of the Queen Victoria pattern. Dramatic green stripes highlight peonies and butterflies while only a tell-tale scarf hints at the reveler behind the mask.

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A true conversation piece, this brilliant handmade crystal bowl from William Yeoward has striking emerald colored accents. This pattern first made its debut at the St. The saturated tones of Macao are due to the fact that the pattern is painted in enamel colors. Enamel painting is a very difficult process in that the enamel has a unique density and more layers than normal are applied to create the rich pigmentation. However, it is a balancing act of beauty versus technical constraints because if one layer is applied unevenly, it can prevent the paint from adhering to the piece.

Therefore, only seasoned artists, with their skills and knowledge, are entrusted with working with enamel colors. On top, a view from Central Park. Inside the lid, the Statue of Liberty. Handmade and hand-enameled with 24k goldplated fittings. Handmade and hand-enameled copper box with 24k goldplated fittings, from Halcyon Days in England. Both Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle are shown on either side of the box, each framed with elaborate golden details.

Hand painted to perfection, this special piece is finished in 22k gold. Handmade handpainted porcelain collectible boxes from France.

Each has brass bow fastener. Each is signed by the artist and numbered. Inspired by the traditional Japanese performing art form, Kabuki captures the essence of elegance, delicateness, and softness. The crystal sculpture transcends its physical properties and beautifully presents the finesse of shape and flowing kimono folds. Limited edition lacquered wood tray handmade with Chatsworth Chinese wallpaper design. Ebooks and Manuals

Handmade, handpainted Limoges porcelain box from France has brass fittings including a decorative fish fastener. Another fish is painted inside. Limited edition of 1, Certificate of Authenticity included. In reality, it is a simple courtship display yet the striking fanned plumage of peacocks has fascinated people for thousands of years.

From folklore to mythology to the history of a nation it is the national bird of India , peacocks have both enchanted and drawn suspicion.