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But then he has to come home once again. Then Nicholas goes away to camp while his parents go on a trip alone. When he gets to camp he feels like he's in paradise!

At camp he meets a lot of friends some are crazy some shy and some are cry babies. They did fun activities such as swimming treasure hunts and goes fishing, Nicholas had the best time of his life there. If you are between the ages , this book is great for your age. Everyone is packed up and ready to go but there's one problem: They all have to walk through a trail in the volcano to get to their campground. So they all start of fine and are supplied well. After about 4 hours in the volcano, they run out of water.

Then, they have to walk on hot rocks and weeds. Yes, weed are in the volcano, the characters in the book were surprised also. So, now they are very hot and want to get out and rest. But they can't or they could roll off the trail onto spiky hot rocks and hot lava. They have to stay together very close and a couple of times one troop accidentally almost pushed another troop off the side.

They were very scared, but they finally made it out of the volcano and found water. They wondered what would happen next camping trip That's a mystery for them all. Some parts left you hanging, but at other parts you were so excited to see what happens next and won't want to put the book down.

Age: 9 to 13 Rating: 4. She is a very smart, good student.

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While Eleanor and her mother have dinner together one night her father is taken away. It is then that Eleanor's mother tells Eleanor about a box with unfinished books by her great-grandma, a science-fiction writer, Eleanor Robinson. Eleanor finds the box and looks through it with her best friend, Frankie. She and Frankie find a key inside that opens a safe-deposit box.

Eleanor goes into the safe-deposit box and realizes her father took something that would build Eleanor's future. Eleanor sulks for a few days, and the day the swallows make their annual migration to her town, she is full of energy, and ready to cook all the dinners at her house! Thanks to the swallows, Eleanor found that energy. Eleanor learned that it is important to forgive a loved one, because no one is perfect.

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It is a heartwarming novel. I realized how hard it must have been for Eleanor to forgive her dad for possibly ruining her future. Also, when Eleanor receives a phone call from her father in jail, she needed to hold back from saying anything disrespectful to her father. Eleanor was a strong, tough girl who went through a hard time in her life.

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She handled it well and learned a lesson about forgiveness. Davis is in the south, so people who had darker skin were not treated equally.

  1. Золушка (Сказки о принцессах) (Russian Edition).
  2. The Girl Who Could Fly.
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Davis got its name from Zephaniah Davis who gave his name to the town and also in the Davis' family tree there was a Cap'n Davis who owned the biggest plantation in the state and every store in central town. Now the youngest Davis in Davis is Zeph, who is Zeph and Ansel fall for the same girl, Mary Susan, and Zeph decides to murder her.

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So, since Zeph is a Davis none of the people in the town believe that a white man killed a white girl. So, the blame an innocent black man, that Ansel and his father, Bert, know really well. The innocent black man gets hanged and killed. This book is very surprising and has you shocked. It does have some bad words and is inappropriate at some parts. Age group: 12 to 15 Rating: 2. Haiti Sveinsson has heard the tales of his ancestor Svein who was stronger than any grown man in the valley, who was skilled with a sword. But that was the past and the Council had outlawed swords throughout the valley.

The only ones remaining were on top of the hill in the forbidden lands where the Trows lurked at night.

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The swords were buried along side the 12 heroes who died fighting at the Battle of the Rock. In Svein's household, a short-legged boy who always seems to find trouble. Halli is bored with daily chores and cannot help to play pranks on his family and the servants. One prank he pulls on Ragnar Hanksson causes many unpleasant events that lead to three murders, one friendship, and a family feud. Halli goes on many adventures, ones that are for the good and ones that are for the worst. Halli may be the second son and not heir to the power of the house but shows great leadership and courage throughout the book.

At times he is looked upon as a disgrace to the family and a murder. He wants to be a hero as his ancestor and do great deeds but finds that himself is already a hero. Age group: 11 and older Rating: 3. Tumtum earned his name because of his huge tummy and Nutmeg got her name because of her nutmeg colored hair. The two tidy mice live in a grand mouse hole behind a heavy dresser in the Mildew cottage. The Mildew family is made up of the young boy Arthur, his older sister Lucy, and their father Mr.

Mildew, an inventor with little money. When creepy Aunt Ivy, the evil aunt of the Mildew children, comes to stay because she had mice in her house, the children write to Tumtum and Nutmeg to drive her away. The mice decide to bring in a large army of mice, lead by General Marchmouse, to scare Aunt Ivy out of her wits. They succeed. There are lots of adventures, but in the final adventure of the book, General Marchmouse goes camping in Arthur's blue toy boat. When the sun rises in the morning, the mice try to get the General out of the boat but Arthur pushes the toy boat off in a pond and all three mice find themselves in an adventure at sea.

When they finally arrive at an island in the pond, they are captured by pirate rats. Nutmeg sends a letter in a bottle to Lucy and Arthur about the boat and pirates. When children get the message, they send back a boat full of gold chocolate wrappers, amazing the pirates and freeing the mice. The McCloud's where always were told to be "normal. She was not normal at all, she could fly when she was a baby.

Piper was always a happy person and always seemed out of place. When Piper started floating her parents shielded her from the world because they were disgraced.

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Piper soon stopped floating but discovered a bigger talent Piper loved it but when her mother saw her she banned Piper from flying. Not all like her having special powers and she is caught and put in a torture chamber which sucks all life and power out of her. She is left almost lifeless and crippled, but is healed once again. Once her health returned they almost immediately made a plan to take over.